Both cotton and linen have a range of unique properties, that makes these fabrics perfect for sheets and bedding. We have listed a few of them here to help you choose the fabrics that allow you the best sleep possible.

Linen is made from the natural fibres of the flax plant, which grows mainly in Europe. These fibres are very durable, which means that linen fabric is very long-lasting and will only get softer with each wash. Linen has throughout history been used to reinforce clothing so it will hold up longer than other materials.

The sturdiness of the flax fibres also makes it possible to make the linen fabric much lighter and more breathable than other fabrics, that doesn’t make you overheat or feel encapsulated during sleep.

At the Real Living, our linen bedding is woven exclusively from the finest French flax. Because the fabric allows fresh air to flow through it inherently resists microbes and feels fresh much longer. The extra air circulation will also help keep you pleasantly temperated through changing seasons and temperature swings. It will let your skin breathe and keep you form overheating during summer. While feeling warm and comfortable during the colder winter months.

Our linen sheets and beddings are also highly absorbent and will absorb moisture without feeling damp. That way its ideal for those who tends to overheat during sleep, because you won’t get you sleep interrupted by feeling uncomfortable or having kicked off the duvet.

To make all our linen sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets even softer we put them through a stone washing process that softens and massages the fibres, without making them brittle. So you will be able to sleep comfortable in your new bedlinen the moment you unpack it.

Linen is famous for its easily recognisable “sophisticated wrinkles.” The fine, natural wrinkles linen makes when worn or slept in is a sign of quality. The cozy and lived-in feel will add a relaxed touch of style to any bedroom.

Like linen, cotton fibres are made from the natural fibres of the cotton plant. At RealLiving, our cotton bedding is crafted from long-staple cotton, for a durable fabric that will last and long time and keep feeling soft and luxurious to the touch.

The long-staple cotton is then woven into a tight sateen weave that lets you enjoy an expensive looking sheen and a silky smooth touch all night. The luxurious silky sheen comes from the special ‘one-yarn-under and three-yarn- over’ weaving, which exposes more thread surface and adds to the softness of the finished fabric.

The weave makes for a naturally wrinkle-resistant fabric that will look as good in the morning as when you went to bed. Aside from keeping your bedlinen looking neat and free of wrinkles, the tighter weave and heavier weight of cotton sateen helps keep you warm and comfortable during colder nights — or if you simply prefer to stay warm and cozy in your bed.

The durability of cotton of this quality and the tight sateen weave makes it extremely durable, super easy to take care of, and perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

Our cotton sateen sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and bedding sets are for those who enjoys an exclusive, wrinkle-free look with an expensive high-sheen finish. But at the same times wants to comfort of a silky smooth touch that will hug your body and keep you warm through any season — ideal for year-round comfort.

Choose between a list of sophisticated colours for 100% cotton sheets and bed sets that will add a touch of elegance to any room.