Taking proper care of your bedlinen, sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers can mean that you will have bedding that will last you for a very long time. Here are the simple guidelines to getting the most out of your new sheets:


Laundry Care

* We recommend that you wash new sheets before first use. A warm, gentle machine wash is sufficient for the first wash, but make sure to launder it with similar colours to keep it from getting discolored by other items.

* For the freshest and wrinkle free sheets line dry them naturally, preferably outdoors in fresh air. If that’s not possible, tumble dry on a low setting, and pull your sheets out promptly when finished.

* Do not bleach or dry clean! Your new sheets from The Real Living are perfectly suited for laundering at home. The harsh chemicals used by dry cleaners spoils the idea of sleeping in 100% natural fibres.

* Do not leave sheets in direct sun light for a prolonged periods of time. The UV- rays of direct sunlight can over time bleach the color of any fabric and leave it looking dull or discolored.

* Warm iron if needed. Our sateen sheets are naturally wrinkle resistance, and our linen bedding is mean to get a sophisticated, lived-in look as you sleep in it. But if you prefer a completely crease free look, both fabrics are perfectly able to withstand pressing with a warm iron.


Tips for long-lasting sheets

* Wash sheets and towels separately. Washing your sheets with towels will not damage them, but you risk that your sheets build up lint from especially inexpensive towels if frequently washed together.

* Wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks. Washing your sheets frequently will help keep them fresh and neat looking. Our linen sheets are of a quality that only gets better with laundering, and the tight weave of our cotton sateen will keep its sheen when washed.

* Keep at least 2 sets of sheets in your closet. This tip is as much for convenience, so you have a fresh set sheets ready incase you get a stain or your other sheets are in the laundry. However, putting the same sheets back on your bed as soon as you have washed and dried them, is not recommended as fabrics will last longer if they get “rest” in-between use.

* Avoid direct contact with cosmetics or skin products. These products may contain bleaching properties that can discolor or damage your sheets. To keep your sheets looking nicely, it’s recommended to keep anything that could contain harmful chemicals away form the fabric.

* Do not wash with sharp-edged clothing accessories. These include metal zippers, buttons, and hooks, as these can catch unto the fabric and cause damage or pilling.

* Always store your sheets in dry and cool closet. Linen and cotton need the ability to breath to keep their antimicrobial properties. So storing your bedding in concealed plastic containers or in a humid environment can cause microbial and mold build-up.